Promote Your Business On Fleurieu FM

Would you like to have your show promoted on the Fleurieu FM Facebook page?

It’s easy! Just phone or text Neralie 0438 651 264 or email to discuss what you would like to do. Neralie will need to copy some of your air check files and she will need some photos, and a bit of info from you and she can do the rest. Promos for other presenters are getting lots of engagement on our page and yours can too.

If you would like to record a promo to be played on the Music Bee carts through the week, Neralie can help with this too. Alternatively, you can phone Jim (he’s the expert level producer) 0410 708 162. Neralie always gets Jim’s review and opinion on the recordings she does, so rest assured, it will get his tick of approval either way!

Presenters who would like a copy of their air check files from any show can request these either directly to Neralie or use the communication book on the front counter. Please note the date and time of the show you would like and she can give you a copy on a flash drive or save it to the desktop on the Studio 1 computer for you to help yourself.

Listening back to your show is a great way to improve your presentation.

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