Ramblings From The Chair

Hi Ho Everybody (sorry Peter it won’t happen again!) Can you believe yet another month has slipped past, it seems we are becoming busier and busier at Fleurieu FM.

First up a big shout out and thank you to everyone who helped make the Fleurieu FM – Horse Drawn Tram Day such a success. A combination of fantastic weather, large crowd, a variety of entertainments along with the usual food/coffee vans gave the day a real Carnival atmosphere. Thanks to the ‘roving microphones’ of Steve and Tod we were able to broadcast small segments of the ‘live ‘music along with numerous interviews, great effort. Chris kept himself entertained (along with a few bewildered Parents) with the bubble wands, explaining that he was demonstrating how to use them to the young people who came up to our van!

Rebekha Sharkie, Federal local member for Mayo closed the proceedings at 3.00pm. It is planned for another Family Fun Day later in the year to help keep a focus on The Horse Drawn Tram/Fleurieu FM as well as The Granite Island Causeway.

Put simply ‘can you imagine Victor Harbor without the Horse Drawn Tram, Fleurieu FM and the Causeway?’

Unfortunately, during the month Sam resigned from his Presenter and Program Manager roles due to poor health. Sam has a unique style of presentation that is quite captivating and, to the best of my knowledge is the only presenter to have sugar bought into the Studio for his coffee from a caring listener!

We all wish him well and look forward to him resuming a role at FFM sometime in the future. Please forward all Roster requests to me in the interim, thanks to Pete C and Maria for their assistance.


Dorothy proudly displays her FFM sticker on her trusty vehicle, if you see her zooming around Victor say hi, she’s a great lady.


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