Geoff commenced his interest and love of Community Radio in Mildura Victoria in 1991 and joined Fleurieu FM (then known as 5EFM) in 1999. Geoff has produced and presented a blues music program known as “BluesBeat” (Friday night 10pm on Fleurieu FM) for the last 21 years, having started on 3HOT FM Mildura. The program has been syndicated nationally since 2002, and is heard via the Community Radio Network satellite service around Australia.

In the past 25 years he has held various management positions at both stations, including secretary, general board member, chairperson and is currently treasurer of Fleurieu FM. He has also been a member of the Community Radio Network satellite advisory committee.

His interests in Community Radio include, administration, adapting to the digital realm, radio software and integration of computers in broadcasting, and transmitter maintenance. Geoff looks after Fleurieu FM’s overnight service and Live stream. He also assists with web site maintenance and audio production. Overall, he now likes to work quietly, behind the scenes!

Geoff likes all good music but has an undying love of Blues music and has twice been invited to be a blues music awards judge for the Australian Blues Music Festival at Goulburn NSW. Geoff lives in Encounter Bay with his wife Fairlie.


• Treasurer
• IT & Digital
• Overnight Programming
• Station Grants
• Monitoring Transmitters
• Station Presenter
• Fundraising

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