Presenter Profile – Tod Jones

2018 marked 27 years of Community Radio Broadcasting for Fleurieu FM. From those ‘humble’ beginnings it has continued to grow to become a respected part of the Fleurieu Peninsula. One presenter who has survived the growing pains of the organization is this months featured presenter.

Tod Jones began his radio career very early in the Stations history (1994) and escaped the pleasures of broadcasting from the Caravans on Kleinig’s Hill by a whisker. According to Tod the two caravans were still in use when he started, however, the move to Seaview Rd was underway.=

Tod presents the Fleurieu FM Folk program on Saturdays 2.00 until 4.00 pm and then hosts the Ozeclectic program from 4.00 until 6.00 pm. During a recent interview Tod said he has always favored Folk music however is enjoying presenting the more Rock orientated Ozeclectic.

He is also a strong supporter of Community Radio.

Tod plays several musical instruments including the Fiddle, Mandolin and ‘Tin Whistle’. He also does backup vocals when playing live.

In the real-world Tod is a licensed Electrical Contractor and ‘a proud Sponsor of Fleurieu FM.’

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