Links and FAQ

Here are some useful links to organizations related to Fleurieu Fm. We encourage you to explore these links and learn more about local organizations and events.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Fleurieu FM?
A: Fleurieu FM is a community radio station that provides a platform for international and local musicians. Our program broadcasting includes news weather updates, along with community events.

Q: How can I listen to Fleurieu FM?
A: You can listen to Fleurieu FM on 94.7 or 89.3 FM in the Fleurieu Peninsula region, or online via our website at

Q: How does Listen Live work?

A: Click on the listen live button on the home page this, will open a page where you can turn on the player. After this with that tab open, you can browse while listening to the station.

Q: How can I get involved with Fleurieu FM?

A: We welcome volunteers to help with various aspects of the station, including programming, marketing, and events. Contact us to learn more about volunteer opportunities.