About Fleurieufm Website and the Hostinger Hpanel

This is a document to give you some details on the building of Fleurieufm.org.au


The Program guide and the playlists are pulled in from Amrap the music site responsible for recording what is played at the station.

For the pages to work a Javascript code was written by Anthony (their developer) and placed in a hidden page. You can not do anything with this code. So caution is advised with anything to do with this page. Anthony told me not to edit the H6 title tag in the style sheets.

The Listen Live player is a single-page website. It has a domain that is a subdomain, Radio.Fleurieuff.org.au of Fleurieufm.org.au. To set this up you would need to talk to the support person at Hostinger. But you can edit it just like a web page. I have made a duplicate:violet-hornet-518509.builder-preview.com.


You will find below the listen-live player. A section I use for podcasts, it is called Podbean. This is an app that is placed in the section as embedded code. The code comes from the website once you have designed the type of player you want to use. Once you create your podcast MP3, you then upload this to the player on the podcast site. The site hosts your Podcasts and these are automatically added to the player on your site. The free version limits you to 10 and since I am running this whole show on peanuts that is all you get.

In addition to the player, I have a gallery where I show 4 images relating to the current podcasts. This is together with info on the podcast. At the moment this is limited to 4 but it could be increased.

Login Page https://www.podbean.com/site/user/login

Login fleurieufm519@gmail.com

Password Victor519!

Hiding Sections

You have the option to hide sections, I find this usful if I have no new news. So until this happens I will hide this. This is done in the settings part of the page select 'three dots' then hide.

I may have done this. You can always see the pages however in the page dropdown of the website Edditer / Dashboard.

Live support


1. From the Hpanel click on the? Top right

2. Click on Hostinger web builder

3. Click on Getting Started

You will see the chat link bottom left. Here you can interact with the AI or simply ask to talk to a human if it is a complex question.

Backup Restore

There are numerous backups on the website. You can get to them in the H panel.

If you go to the top right where the save option is, hover over this, and in the drop you will see the manage backups option. Alternatively, click on the edit website (fleurieufm.org.au). This brings up the Hpanel of the web builder on the left to the bottom you will see � (three dots for more) click on this and you will see the manage backups option. Click on this and you will see a list of backups.

Choose a backup before the error is introduced, then click restore. Your website will be restored to the previous version. Note also in the more areas you will see your media library, here you can upload media to be used on the website.


Fleurieufm.org.au Main domain

skyblue-rail-826615.builder-preview.com Duplicate of the main site.

5efm.org.au is a live duplicate of the main site (for some reason the program guide doesn't work)

Radio.fluerieufm.org.au is the listen-live single-page website.


If you look at the email section you will see some 24 emails. These accounts are set up on various users' computers. Some emails have forwarding addresses.

Each email has an email box that has to be logged into, you have a list of passwords I will also include them here. I have found it better not to save these passwords to the computer.

I did try to change the passwords once but it did not work. I don't know why. Tip if you cut and paste the passwords careful not to pick up a space.


manager Gewz8cHG6P9;

studio1 wLLRp5$Zd7d{

programs H%E;BJ=7Xbn{

production Ld[EMWTx18GT

finance 5;&TXGv^Fe*)E

info 5BQVHu%]TD*Ml

secretary (}Ta3e1GhBXH

treasurer ?J3A1NT23vr#

admin 5@fsz;$]UBQSH

chairperson 5]qgO?J[(fgQ(

feedback << deleted - Phil Davis 20/02/21 >>

interviews Jd9!E2=Agm&T

music HcUv!rLC[E7.

sales 5;ihoNOD_i;Zs

sponsorship 5ssb)cixIy~yz

vicechair << deleted - Phil Davis 01/04/21 >>

webguy 5?GlPQmb=IHL{

livestudio yb[DUuEw*wdn << deleted 03/04, resurrected 20/04/21 - Phil Davis >>

board bz[-6B~%8F=]

webadmin 5&!@zCyNmetTi

studio2 tnA,P$7O1c2r

absent L$vSL)OR5WZa

csa r5;GMBcUXv@P

onair 06kmbt~.9Tu& << added - Phil Davis 20/02/21 >>

newmusic ()sXXv6W0Y~. << added - Phil Davis 20/02/21 >>

pac S1!c,+*;?LG+ << added - Phil Davis 09/03/21 >>